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I have been largely absent from this space in 2016… perhaps I’ll try and be a more regular blogger in 2017… only time will tell. I have been slightly more active on Instagram these past few months and I’d love it if you’d come and say hi over there.

In the meantime here’s a pic of my furry best buddy Gira doing his regal, festive thang! Wishing you all a peaceful conclusion to this (ofttimes frightening) year & all good things in 2017.

On a recent day off we took advantage of the fine spring sunshine and made the brief 42 minute train journey to Delft. Despite its proximity, famous blue ceramics, and Vermeer connection I hadn’t visited the city before, and was hopeful to catch a glimpse of that particular quality of light and shadow so singular to Vermeer’s paintings.

      Johannes Vermeer, View of Delft, c. 1660 - 1661

view of delft, johannes vermeer, c.1660-1661

view of delft, april 2015

views of delft, april 2015

However, the uncharacteristically clear blue sky and intense spring sunshine had other ideas… and made for far less subtle, but equally rewarding, colours and contrasts.

view of delft, april 2015

delft blue

view of delft, april 2015

play of light & shadow

view of delft, april 2015

building bling!

view of delft, april 2015

for the cows
(as a vegetarian i find the consumption of veal [kalfsvlees] one of humanity’s more dismaying culinary practices… but i’m not averse to a nice bit of art deco stained glass typography!)

view of delft, april 2015

blue segues into green

view of delft, april 2015

city garden

view of delft, april 2015

magnolia, grape hyacinth

view of delft, april 2015

gateway to oz?

view of delft, april 2015

beneath our feet – spring growth, and a handpainted
reminder about what’s important embedded into the pavement

view of delft, april 2015

paparazzi-ing the locals!

springbok skull and glassblown polar bear

In celebration of today’s vernal equinox – and the promise it brings of much more light to come – here are some of the sunlit critters currently keeping me company at home and in the studio…

puffer fish and finger lickin' cat

paper puffer fish… finger lickin’ good

felted owl by swig (

owl (elegant fowl!) waits patiently in his not-quite-pea-green boat… (but pussycat is apparently too busy licking his paws for nautical nuptials?)

seahorse mobile by flensted

gently floating seahorses

abstracted cat

abstracted cat

work-in-progress wolf drawing

an unexpected rainbow cast across a work-in-progress wolf drawing

what cd shall I play now?

precarious pile of CDs (my studiomate’s DJ-ing aspirations are foiled again by his lack of opposable thumbs)

gira waving
" "

credits (in order of appearance):

◈ the skull once belonged to one of these majestic creatures
◈ the polar bear was made by the clever glass-blowing ladies of blåst glasshytta in tromsø, norway (northernmost glass-blowing studio in the world, apparently!)
◈ the fish is a japanese paper balloon – i found him at roppongi in amsterdam
◈ the handsome owl was made by the amazingly talented felt artist swig (you can pop over to her website right now for a spring postcard giveaway!)
◈ the very soothing seahorse mobile was created by flensted
◈ the angry (or is he remorseful?) yeti silkscreen print was made by kronk

(not included in this list are my own wolf drawings and the pictures of my furry studiomate :)

09:24, wednesday 20 november 2013


11:20, wednesday 20 november 2013


the light returns!

I love this time of year, when the light returns, the mirror ball kicks in, and the pocked and pitted old glass in our windows casts beautiful wobbly patterns of light and shadow across the walls…

the light returns!

the light returns!

the light returns!

the light returns!

the light returns!

the light returns!

Apparently I am not the only one giddy about the (sun)light’s return

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Beautiful, enchanting (and almost certainly enchanted) creatures by Japanese artist Yoshimasa Tsuchiya [@yoshimasa_tsuchiya_info]. Currently on display in an exhibition entitled ‘Private Myth’ at Amsterdam’s Jaski Gallery [@jaskigallery] - The five works shown here are: Nessie (detail) | Woodcarving, crystal & polychrome, 2018, 24 x 49 x 18 cm Qilin | Woodcarving, crystal & polychrome, 2018, 40 x 44 x 17 cm Leopard (detail & complete work) | Woodcarving, glass doll eye & polychrome, 2018, 21 x 38 x 14 cm Deer (detail) | Woodcarving, crystal & polychrome, 2018, 34 x 24 x 14 cm Unicorn | Woodcarving, crystal & polychrome, 2018, 35 x 24 15 cm - #yoshimasa_tsuchiya #privatemyth #woodcarving #sculpture #art #wood #creatures #animals #mythical #chimera #qilin #unicorn #nessie #lochnessmonster #leopard #deer #jaskigallery #amsterdam -
This is the 8th instalment of the long-distance sketchbook/notebook collaboration I’m working on with @yokocelt. IG is not the best platform for displaying tall, portrait orientation images so I’ve split it into two parts (swipe left for the bottom half) but you can see the full image, various details, work-in-progress pics and Yoko’s previous entry to which this is a ‘response’ over on my blog, link in profile: - #yoko_suzanne_collab #mujinotebook #collaboration #cross_section #earth #seedlings #cat #skeleton #bones #earths_core #molten #fire #gouache #ink #papercutting #mulberrypaper #kozopaper #colour #pattern #tribute #gira #rip -
Space invader vs Hermes… - #graffiti #streetart #mosaic #tiles #spaceinvader #ufa #invader #hermes #mercury #caduceus #staff #serpents #wings #relief #sculpture #architecturalsculpture #stonework #brickwork #negenstraatjes #centrum #amsterdam (artist: invader) -
A post in honour of this little fella, who would have been celebrating his 6th birthday today. We still – and always will – sorely miss the tummy-tickles and all the good times we shared together. Happy birthday Gira! #gira #rip #best_fur_buddy #studiomate #cat #russianblue #greeneyes #grey #furry #stretch #catsofinstagram #fuckcancer
When the furry host at your temporary AirBnB lodging doesn’t want you to leave… #attemptingtopack #suitcase is futile! Thanks Mustard, aka The Colonel, for the warm welcome and fond farewell #mustard #ginger #cat #airbnb #capetown #southafrica #catsofinstagram
Powerful, compelling work by Zanele Muholi, from her 'Somnyama Ngonyama' (Hail the Dark Lioness) series. -- 1. ‘Thembeka II, London’, 2014, 50 x 46 cm, Silver gelatin print 2. ‘Somnyama Ngonyama II, Oslo’, 2015, 50 x 43.6 cm, Silver gelatin print - #zanelemuholi #photographer #visualactivism #art #portrait #selfportrait #blackandwhite #photography #zeitsmocaa #contemporaryart #museum #capetown #southafrica - @muholizanele @somnyamangonyama -

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