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Here’s another instalment in the long-distance notebook collaboration I’ve been working on with my friend Yoko for the past few years. I sent my most recent notebook entry off to Japan in late February, and as it has (long since) safely arrived at its destination it is (long overdue) time to document it here!

In her previous entry Yoko had ingeniously flipped the notebook (a simple 21 x 21 cm square, ringbound, kraft paper notebook from Muji) 90° to create an expansive portrait, rather than landscape, orientation image.

notebook [tokyo] – yoko’s previous entry, double-page spread
(artwork © yoko hayashi)

(You can check out more pictures of Yoko’s previous entry here)

I was really taken with this orientation and somewhat abashed not to have considered it before. I was also very enamoured with the magical universe Yoko had created and wanted to ‘dig deeper’, so to speak… What better way to do this than to travel straight down into the earth below Yoko’s enchanted, snow-laden village.

notebook [tokyo] – seedlings

One of the (many) great joys of this collaboration is the unfettered ‘playground’ the notebook provides: when we began the collab we had two simple tenets: “No Pressure. No Rules.” – so anything goes, and working in it is a welcome opportunity to step away from other projects, to explore ideas for possible future projects, to experiment in a new or different medium etc. I hadn’t done any papercutting for a very long time and was hankering after a bit of scalpel action…

papercutting work-in-progress

multi-layered papercuts in fiery-coloured mulberry/kozo paper
[sunrise and a (grubby!) window make a good lightbox in a pinch]

I also used it as an opportunity to pay homage to our beloved (and very deeply missed) Gira, who we lost to cancer – at the very young age of five-and-a-half – in November last year. Figuring out how to draw a curled-up feline skeleton was both tribute (Gira knew a thing or two about the contented curl-up!) and catharsis…

And applying hundreds of copper and bronze gouache dots to the loamy earth was comfortingly cathartic too…

notebook [tokyo] – gouache stippling as moving meditation

Here are Yoko’s pages and mine combined into a single image, so you too can journey down through this world’s cool, crystalline firmament to its fiery, molten core…

notebook [tokyo] – four page, vertical spread
(artwork top © yoko hayashi)

notebook [tokyo] denotes the notebook that started its life in Tokyo, and notebook [amsterdam] denotes the notebook that started its life in Amsterdam

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This is the last of the ‘above & below the earth’ / ‘cross-section’ drawings.

pen & ink, 23.7 x 31.7cm

One can get through a lot of CDs when drawing all those minuscule grains of dirt.
This drawing’s soundtrack:
Throwing Muses ‘In A Doghouse’ | Whip ‘Blues for Losers’ | Songs:Ohia ‘Didn’t It Rain’ | Angels of Light ‘How I Loved You’ | Appendix Out ‘The Rye Bears A Poison’ | Codeine ‘The White Birch’ | Arab Strap ‘The Week Never Starts Round Here’ | The God Machine ‘Scenes From the Second Storey’ | Füxa ‘Commits Suicide’ | James Blackshaw ‘Litany of Echoes’ | Bowery Electric ‘Bowery Electric’ | Fugazi ’13 Songs’ | Big Black ‘The Hammer Party’

pen & ink, 23.7 x 31.7cm

One can get through a lot of CDs when drawing all those minuscule grains of dirt.
This drawing’s soundtrack:
The Cure ‘Pornography’ | Kristin Hersh ‘Strange Angels’ | Laika ‘Sounds of the Satellites’ | Crime & the City Solution ‘The Bride Ship’ | Bracken ‘We Know About the Need’ | McClusky ‘My Pain and Sadness is More Sad and Painful than Yours’ | Vic Chesnutt ‘North Star Deserter’ | Red House Painters ‘Red House Painters’ | Nina Nastasia ‘You Follow Me’ | Efterklang ‘Under Giant Trees’

Or “Meet me in the mushroom patch at midnight” for those (like me)
with a penchant for a bit of alliteration.

mushroom patch meeting

pen & ink, 23.7 x 31.7cm

One can get through a lot of CDs when drawing all those minuscule grains of dirt.
This drawing’s soundtrack:
Alasdair Roberts ‘No Earthly Man’ & ‘The Amber Gatherers’ | Portishead ‘Third’ | Boduf Songs ‘Lion Devours the Sun’ | Whip ‘Atheist Lovesongs to God’ | Sixteen Horsepower ‘Folklore’ | New Kingdom ‘Heavy Load’ | Telstar Ponies ‘In the Space of a Few Minutes’ | Adem ‘Homesongs’ | Ballads of the Book, A Joint Effort | Future Conditional ‘We Don’t Just Disappear’ | Epic45 ‘Reckless Engineers’ | The New Year ‘Newness Ends’ | Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds ‘From Her to Eternity’ | Joy Division ‘Still’ | Songs:Ohia ‘Protection Spells’ | Slint ‘Spiderland’ | Smog ‘The Doctor Came at Dawn’ | The Wedding Present ‘Seamonsters’ | Joanna Newsom ‘The Milk-Eyed Mender’

the seedling

pen & ink, 23.7 x 31.7cm

One can get through a lot of CDs when drawing all those minuscule grains of dirt.
This drawing’s soundtrack:
The Wedding Present ‘Bizarro’ | Palace Brothers ‘Days in the Wake’ | Tunng ‘Good Arrows’ | Papa M ‘Whatever, Mortal’ | Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds ‘Murder Ballads’ | Swans ‘Swans Are Dead’ | The Breeders ‘Pod’ | Low ‘Long Division’ | Anti Pop Consortium ‘Shopping Carts Crashing’ | Sun Kil Moon ‘April’ | Sophia ‘Infinite Circle’ | Bauhaus ‘In the Flat Field’ | The Hair & Skin Trading Company ‘Over Valence’… and long stretches of silence in between when I was too dazed by the minuscule grains of dirt to rouse myself and put on a new disc!

some of my work, available on etsy
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I recently printed the fourth series in my ongoing 'Wonders from a Cabinet of Curiosities' project. This time the theme is vegetable rather than animal (fabulous fungi in fact 🍄), and what better day to post this series than #MycologyMonday (which, I believe, is a thing on IG!) Swipe --> to see all six 'shrooms in the series. Limited edition silkscreen prints are now available at the always awesome @otherist in Amsterdam (or from my online shop - link in bio) - #screenprinting #zeefdruk #serigraph #mushrooms #fungi #mycology #terrarium #glassjar #belljar #cloche #curiositycabinet #blackandwhite #graphic #drawing #pattern #art #printmaking #get_imprinted - #morel #oyster #nameko #crepidotus #amanitamuscaria #shiitake -
An abundance of cool critters inhabit Belgrade’s urban jungle! - #streetart #graffiti #urbanart #creatures #animals #deer #stag #mandala #tiger #dog #hotdog #fox #uglypeoplewearfur #bird #swallow #cat #elephant #colour #pattern #belgrade #beograd #serbia - Credits: The beautiful deer mural is by Mexican artist Farid Rueda @farid_rueda | Wide-eyed cats (i.e. the Warholesque kitty quadtych and “sorting things out since… 4-ever!”) are by Lunar @slavenlunar (with a Flying Fortress @flyingfortress243 ‘teddy trooper’ making an appearance alongside Lunar’s quadtych). I think the pointy-nosed fox (with crown) is by RAGE. Other artist’s unknown (to me). -
🌡🔥 Heatwave survival advice from Grayson: Get as close to Antarctica as you can!❄☃️ (Also, when in a prone position raise your butt slightly for maximum air flow 😂) - #summer #heatwave #reliefmap #antarctica #grayson #grey #cat #greeneyes #ThinGreyDuke #onelungedwonder #MegaLung #GraysonTheGreat #russianblue #catsofinstagram #catsofholland -
Molecules rearranged ✅ Still vibrating ✅ Thanks OM! 🙏 - #om #live #bass #music #OMvibratory #dronenotdrones #dub #metal #chessgrandmaster #tivolivredenburg #utrecht -
The Iriški Venac TV tower - a soaring concrete structure perched high in the Fruška gora hills – is beautiful in its Brutalism (built in 1975 and partly destroyed by NATO bombs in 1999). It reminds me of a desiccated seed pod husk or a gargantuan radiolarian… - #architecture #brutalism #brutal_architecture #tower #concrete #structure #symmetry #organic #form #fruška_gora #novisad #vojvodina #serbia #war #damaged #bombed -
Mushroom gathering in Belgrade... - #mushrooms #foraging #mushroomgathering #streetart #graffiti #urbanart #belgrade #beograd #serbia #colour #pattern #octopus #eyeball #raven #amanitamuscaria -

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