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In celebration of today’s autumnal equinox (marking the start of my favourite season!), here are some photographic outtakes from the summer past…

tot ziens to a great summer… hello autumn :)

No wanderings in London’s South Kensington would be complete without a visit to the Natural History Museum… if only (when time is tight) to have a(nother) look at the dizzying array of plants and animals sculpted in buff and cobalt-blue terracotta that adorn many of the building’s surfaces.

From the Natural History Museum’s website:

Terracotta tiles provide decoration inside and outside the building. Many feature relief carvings of plants and animals. The buff and cobalt-blue terracotta is both attractive and practical, as a hardy material that could resist the acid smogs of Victorian London.

In his design, Alfred Waterhouse included elaborate sculptures of plants and animals on the interior and exterior of the building, to represent biological diversity. Those on the western wing are of living forms, while those on the eastern side show extinct creatures.

Natural History Museum, South Kensington, London – designed by Alfred Waterhouse 1865 – 1881 (when it opened)

[precocious hyde park resident, london]

It has been a very busy few weeks around here and as is usually the case when I’m juggling multiple projects ‘n things, I drop the blog-ball first. Ah, well… needs must!

Amongst other things, I’ve spent an intensive week and a half at the printmaking studio working on a new series of small screenprints, experimenting with colour variations and different papers etc. Not all of the experiments were a success but it was a lot of fun and a great learning experience – I hope to show some of the work-in-progress and end-results here soon.

Amidst all the busy-ness I was whisked away on a surprise overnight outing to London, for this great musical trip-down-memory-lane at the Royal Albert Hall. Fun! (and especially so as it was all a complete surprise :)

Here are a few impressions from a whirlwind day and a half in London…

the rarefied environs

of the royal albert hall

and its unbeatable acoustics

tate modern looming large beneath a watery, winter sky

currently showing: ‘gerhard richter: panorama’
(that man sure can paint!)

and this ‘mystical protest’ by the collective ‘slavs and tatars’

dale chihuly’s strange & beautiful chandelier under the dome of the v&a museum’s main entrance

'king silver', hand-twisted wire sculpture by david mach @ v&a museum, london

and this majestic beast!
[‘king silver’, hand-twisted wire coat hanger sculpture by david mach. part of the ‘power of making‘ exhibition currently on at the v&a museum. if you’re in london i would highly recommend a visit to this fascinating exhibition of over 100 exquisitely crafted objects. ends 2 january 2012]

enigmatic tranquillity

and gorgeous glazes in the v&a’s china galleries

And last but not least, my favourite favourites at the V&A (I always make a beeline for the Japan Room when I’m there!), the tiny, beautiful, intricately carved netsuke

stoat and rat on a pumpkin  |  boar sleeping on a pile
of leaves [signed masatsugu]

tiger [signed tomotada]  |  grimacing mask [signed ryugyoku]

fruit of the winter cherry  |  snail on a lotus leaf

OK, must dash! Have a great weekend.

We recently spent a few excellent days in our old hometown – a couple of hours of wandering London’s ‘mean streets’ garnered some interesting graf. Here’s some of it…

it’s dark in london… *

ROA! [first encountered here…]

mystical creatures abound…

… in this urban jungle

[Apart from ROA the only other artists I am able to credit are Milo Tchais (creator of the very colourful stuff above – pics 2, 9 & 19) and Beastman (creator of the red & grey ‘all-seeing eye’ – pic 12) ]

* UPDATE 09.08.2011: Darker than I thought when I posted this a couple of days ago…

London, England

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