On a springtime visit to Japan I experienced the breathtaking beauty of the blossoming cherry trees (sakura) coupled with the excellent tradition of hanami (blossom viewing parties held under the trees). Walking along the banks of Tokyo’s Sumida River one evening, beneath the blossom laden trees and amongst throngs of hanami revellers, the wind picked up briefly and the gusts created a snow storm of cherry blossom petals – it was magnificent and surreal. The name ‘sakurasnow’ was inspired by that experience.

I’m currently based in London Amsterdam Haarlem, where I work as a freelance designer and illustrator – but this site is intended as a place to explore non-work related personal projects, scribblings and doodlings, as well as a place to document / display / discuss some of the inspirational stuff out there on the web and in the world.

Sakura in Tokyo, April 2006

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