gokstad viking longship, vikingskiphuset, oslo, norway

golden tree, akershus slott, oslo | gokstad viking longship, vikingskipshuset, oslo

Anyone who has seen the harmoniously rhythmic curves of a Viking longship (as I have now learnt) knows that Nordic craftsmen know a thing or two about working wood! I was very smitten with the elegantly curved Gokstad & Oseberg longships (housed in Oslo’s purpose-built Vikingskipshuset), the handsome 13th Century Gol stave church (at the Norsk Folkemuseum in Oslo), and the many other fine examples of woody craftsmanship we encountered while in Norway earlier this year. Some of these marvels are pictured here…

gol stave church, from gol, hallingdal, 13th century

gol stave church, dendrochronologically dated to 1212 [originally from gol in hallingdal, now located in the norsk folkemuseum at bygdøy in oslo]

gol stave church, from gol, hallingdal, 13th century

stave church details

oseberg viking longship, vikingskiphuset, oslo, norway

oseberg viking longship, built c. 824 AD, excavated from the
oseberg burial mound (where it was interred in 834 AD) in 1904-1905

gokstad viking longship, vikingskiphuset, oslo, norway

gokstad viking longship, built c. 850 AD, excavated from a
burial mound on gokstad farm in sandefjord in 1880

'loft' storehouse, from rofshus, telemark, built 1754

goose… very much at home on the comfy turf roof of a beautifully
carved ‘loft’ storehouse from rofshus in telemark, built 1754

sami turf hut, lyngen alps, norway

weathered wood, sami turf hut, lyngen alps area

top: cupboard, painted spruce, dragon-style, c. 1899 ; bottom: cart, oseberg longship grave goods

fantastic felines!
[painted spruce cupboard, detail, made in the ‘dragon-style’ by lars kinsarvik, hardanger, c.1899  |  saluting cat (?!), carved details on the side of a cart found amongst the oseberg & gokstad burial mound grave goods]

'loft' storehouse, from vinje, telemark, c.1750-60

carved pattern details on a ‘loft’ storehouse from vinje in telemark, built 1750-60

gol stave church details

gol stave church – looking out from within, and more wonderful carved details

looking out from gol stave church ; chibi totoro

chibi totoro contemplates the wonders of wood