winter trees & snowy owl, artis, amsterdam

winter trees at sunset  |  snowy owl

I recently popped across the road to visit my neighbours, in search of inspiration for some wolf drawings I’ve been working on. The wolves were very obliging…

wolf, artis, amsterdam

handsome wolf

… but seeing these majestic, naturally broad-ranging creatures in captivity rends my heart (as is always the case when I visit my neighbours), though they seem content enough?

wolf paws, artis, amsterdam

powerful paws

Having gathered sufficient source material and inspiration for my drawings I proceeded to get entirely side-tracked admiring the feathered residents of Artis and the intricate calligraphy of the winter trees silhouetted against the late afternoon gloaming. Some of the birds pictured here are permanent (enclosed) residents, but others seem to come and go as they please… presumably returning for the free food and the general gezelligheid.

greater rhea fresh hay bath, artis, amsterdam

the greater rhea enjoys a fresh bed of straw!

grey heron & snowy owl feathers, artis, amsterdam

grey heron | snowy owl detail

winter trees & jackdaw, artis, amsterdam


winter trees & greater rhea feathers, artis amsterdam

silver feathers (greater rhea)

gannet (?) & winter trees, artis, amsterdam

northern gannet

heron silhouette & winter trees, artis amsterdam


golden goose and duck feathers, artis, amsterdam

golden goose (and duck) feathers

"you talkin'to me" - gannet (?) & snowy owl, artis, amsterdam

“you talkin’ to me?”