Exploratory sketches for a new drawing…

I love working in my sketchbooks – they’re a free place with no constraints, no expectations… they don’t daunt or intimidate in the way that a blank canvas or the flawless expanse of a new sheet of paper can (and that daunting is amplified tenfold if it’s a really beautiful piece of paper – why would I want to make imperfect marks on something that’s perfect just the way it is!?). But at some point I know I must move from the sketchbook to the blank sheet of paper… and so I will. In the meantime my new studio mate continues to prove his worth with a steady supply of general assistance…

“I think you should move it over to the right a bit… shall I move it for you? Yeah, I think I’ll do that…”

“Check out these great saguaro cactus reference images”
[found at ravensoverRio’s wonderful Flickr photostream]

… and good advice

“We should definitely take a nap”

dreaming of bats?