These are some more preliminary sketches and work-in-progress drawings for a project I’m currently working on, previously mentioned here >

The leaves, gathered last autumn, have made very handy reference material. And the book pictured below is a wonderful little tome, with most of its beautiful illustrations taken from John Evelyn‘s ‘Silva’ (1776) and Mattioli‘s ‘Commentaries on the Six Books of Dioscorides’ (1563). If you like trees I can recommend it for the very beautiful illustrations alone, but the brief text (written by Welsh border woodsman Andy Thompson) also includes lots of fascinating tree facts and careful descriptions of their form and character.

I’ve seen various rumblings on the interweb suggesting that the owl as design subject or motif is now considered terribly passé by the ‘trendsetters’ and ‘those in the know’… but never having had much interest in, or regard for, ‘trends’ I say bah-humbug to that ;)

I’m having much owly-fun and could happily draw these magnificently plumaged raptors all day long (and, in fact, today have been doing just that :)