If you live in the 13th-17th Century castle pictured below (and apparently somebody does!) near Epen, in the Netherlands’ southern-most province of Limburg, then the answer is very green indeed!

We recently returned from several excellent days of walking in Limburg and parts of the Belgian Ardennes. Living practically below sea level (e.g. Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport is 4 metres below sea level) sometimes has me yearning for higher ground – the gentle hills of Limburg and somewhat more rugged hills & mountains of the Ardennes were just the lift (pun intended) I needed.

These pics are from a late afternoon/early evening, and a morning, wandering in the astonishingly verdant heuvelland near Epen, Limburg.

Chibi Totoro approves of the ancient mosses in Epen’s woods

matching cat and cow (at dusk)

good country to be a ruminant

extraordinary qualities of light

horse hills

crucifixes (affixed to trees, barns, fenceposts and just about anything else ‘affixable’) are a very common sight in these parts… there’s no mistaking you’re in the Catholic South now!

shelters in the woods

decision time

ramblers’ rewards