The shadow of November/December 2011’s calendar animal looks on in bewilderment as the end of March rolls around (note to self: leaving four month old calendars out on your desk does not make time pass any slower)

So… the end of March already! How did that happen!? It has been a month of lots of work and deadlines for me and I haven’t had much opportunity to stray too far from my desk. I’m hoping for the chance to go a’wandering soon (with camera and sketchbook in hand), but in the meantime I’m very much enjoying the changing qualities of light indoors. It’s the same every year – and I’ve written about it before – but the springtime play of light and shadow never fails to surprise and delight me!

artwork credits (from top to bottom):
Charles Burns ‘Burroughs’ and ‘Hard-Boiled Defective Stories’ screenprints
Jose Pulido ‘The Sky is Falling’ Gocco serigraph
Jesse Breytenbach (untitled?) drawing
Yoko Hayashi ‘Midnight’ etching

Goliath beetles found in a lovely, chaotic junk store in Groningen
Porcelain Amsterdam ‘huisjes’ by &K
Papercut wings and origami cranes by me :)