This winter in Amsterdam has, for the most part, been a fairly mild one (crocuses and daffs springing up along the canals in early January and other unseasonal happenings*). But when temperatures plummeted a few weeks ago, and snow made its first appearance shortly thereafter, I thought the local birds would enjoy a supplementary snack.

A sack o’ nuts (& seeds) hung out on the tiny fourth floor
roof terrace outside my studio window…

proved very popular,

but tantalisingly out of reach…

if one lacks the finely-honed perching skills of these little fellas:

A definite crowd-pleaser!

Apparently snow is cosy,

as is taking a winter dip in the drinking water.

The blackbirds are always welcome visitors…

mum, dad…

… and junior (* an unseasonal happening?)
correction – this handsome fella is a thrush, not a blackbird baby!
(thanks, nick!)

All this activity (in four square metres, four-floors up, in the middle of the city!) is endlessly fascinating and rewarding (and it’s a wonder I ever get any work done!).

I spotted this fancy sack o’ nuts hanging in the Vondelpark

Clearly where the posh parakeets dine out!

The RSPB website has some useful tips for helping wild birds here >

In order of appearance:
stock dove | jackdaw | woodpigeonlong-tailed tits | great tits | blue tit | ring-necked parakeets | great tit  |  long-tailed tits  |  rock doves (feral pigeons) | blackbirds (female, male) | thrush | ring-necked parakeets

[please let me know if I’ve misidentified anyone!]