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Working in colour doesn’t come naturally to me – I always feel I’m entering uncharted (and thus, slightly scary) territory when I work with colour rather than my preferred black and white. But I was determined to step out of my monochromatic comfort-zone with this project and experiment with colour… plenty of it!

[1] thinking about colour, and [2] my inks mixed (I may be a little afraid of working with colour… but I love me a bit of gloopy ink mixing!)

a simple one-colour print – gorgonacea/sea fan coral
[1] screen prepared with image ‘stencil’ [2] printing (doesn’t that ink look utterly delicious!) [3] completed prints on drying rack

a four-colour print – lepidoptera/moths
[1] screen prepared with image ‘stencil’ for first colour (teal wings) [2] two colours printed [3] three colours printed [4] completed four-colour print

[1] the well-used, but trusty, “red table” @ the AGA, and [2] multi-colour prints in various stages of completion

Once the printing was complete I added hand-coloured details to some of the specimens… pictures of that third and final stage of the process coming up in my next post.

An aside:

The sharp-eyed amongst you might feel you’ve seen those moths before. If you saw my Berlin grafica Part I or Part II posts you’d be right! Unfortunately I had a few ‘snap-off’ problems when printing the fourth and final (black) colour – I stubbornly ignored these problems (hoping they’d go away!) rather than taking the extra time required to correct them. The result was a set of slightly sub-standard prints not up to scratch to be editioned… but perfectly acceptable for a bit of street art action (which I’ve dubbed ‘moth-bombing’ ;)

Hunnerpark, Nijmegen

Ackerstraße, Berlin

With a handful of prints and a box of pushpins permanently in my bag, more moths will no doubt be alighting in the parks and on the streets of various cities in the future…