[precocious hyde park resident, london]

It has been a very busy few weeks around here and as is usually the case when I’m juggling multiple projects ‘n things, I drop the blog-ball first. Ah, well… needs must!

Amongst other things, I’ve spent an intensive week and a half at the printmaking studio working on a new series of small screenprints, experimenting with colour variations and different papers etc. Not all of the experiments were a success but it was a lot of fun and a great learning experience – I hope to show some of the work-in-progress and end-results here soon.

Amidst all the busy-ness I was whisked away on a surprise overnight outing to London, for this great musical trip-down-memory-lane at the Royal Albert Hall. Fun! (and especially so as it was all a complete surprise :)

Here are a few impressions from a whirlwind day and a half in London…

the rarefied environs

of the royal albert hall

and its unbeatable acoustics

tate modern looming large beneath a watery, winter sky

currently showing: ‘gerhard richter: panorama’
(that man sure can paint!)

and this ‘mystical protest’ by the collective ‘slavs and tatars’

dale chihuly’s strange & beautiful chandelier under the dome of the v&a museum’s main entrance

'king silver', hand-twisted wire sculpture by david mach @ v&a museum, london

and this majestic beast!
[‘king silver’, hand-twisted wire coat hanger sculpture by david mach. part of the ‘power of making‘ exhibition currently on at the v&a museum. if you’re in london i would highly recommend a visit to this fascinating exhibition of over 100 exquisitely crafted objects. ends 2 january 2012]

enigmatic tranquillity

and gorgeous glazes in the v&a’s china galleries

And last but not least, my favourite favourites at the V&A (I always make a beeline for the Japan Room when I’m there!), the tiny, beautiful, intricately carved netsuke

stoat and rat on a pumpkin  |  boar sleeping on a pile
of leaves [signed masatsugu]

tiger [signed tomotada]  |  grimacing mask [signed ryugyoku]

fruit of the winter cherry  |  snail on a lotus leaf

OK, must dash! Have a great weekend.