baboon spoor

Whenever I visit Cape Town I always try to make a trip to Buffels Bay – a beautiful curve of white sandy beach and luminous blue waters on the eastern coast of the Cape Peninsula. It’s one of my favourite places on this big ol’ blue planet of ours… even if some of the Chacma baboons who live there have ‘gone rogue’ and can be more than a tad aggressive (they do, no doubt, have an earlier claim to this coastline and the surrounding mountains, and I’m sure most of their bad habits have been learnt from – or forced upon them – by humans. But that doesn’t make a close encounter with a pair of 2 inch canine teeth any less worrisome!)

view across false bay, hottentots holland mountain range in the distance |
rock pool, perlemoen shell

buffels bay blue | bluebottle (portuguese man o’ war)

whale frolicking in the bay | rippled sand

beachcombing | beached jellyfish

dune daisies | treasures found

buffels bay beach (paulsberg, die boer and judas peaks in the distance) |
rock pool, pink anemone