The western coastal belt of South Africa is a ruggedly beautiful, sometimes desolate, landscape – a semi-arid area of rocky mountains, treeless veld & windswept coastline. Yet it is home to an amazing abundance of shrubs, succulents and flowering plants that are part of the Cape Floral Kingdom. This hardy evergreen ‘fynbos’ accounts for half the species of the entire southern African subcontinent, many of those species relying on the purifying rite of summer fire to propagate and continue their existence. And in the springtime, if the preceding rains have been kind and the skies are cloudless, the dry earth-toned scrublands are transformed into a kaleidoscopic landscape of vivid colour as the many weird and wonderful plants burst into flower.

The Cederberg region is prime wildflower-viewing territory – so this is where we headed for a glimpse of this magical phenomenon. And we were not disappointed – the land surrounding Oudrif is breathtaking in its botanical beauty and diversity!