sunrise over the doring river valley

Tucked away in a remote valley in the north of the Cederberg mountain range is Oudrif… probably one of the most peaceful, unspoilt & beautiful places I have ever had the good fortune to temporarily inhabit.

Land skirting a section of the Doring (“thorn”) River, once overgrazed by goats, has now been reclaimed by the fynbos – and the few straw-bale cottages, powered by the sun, make for minimal impact on this tranquil environment. Across the river the rocky overhangs exhibit the thousand-year-old visions of San shamans, and all around the arid veld is transformed by the many colours & textures of spring’s wildflowers.

And in the darkest dark the Milky Way arches brightly overhead, our galaxy just a smudge in amongst the infinity of stars that stud the night sky.

clanwilliam mountain dog… ready to ramble

rocky outcrop

graphic design

slow expansion

rock monster

shaman?, san rock art

sun-drenched hillside

cairn & wildflowers

punk rock!

cracked, threaded

the hunt, san rock art

late afternoon

barry – half siamese, half african wildcat, best pal of…

… bo [found as a lamb abandoned in the veld, now living in clover]

golden seedpod, late afternoon light

mafuta [zulu for “the fat one”]… exhausted after a long day’s rambling

oudrif sunset