It’s been a bit quiet around here because I’ve been away for a while… long enough to return to find a mystery crop of carrots flourishing on the tiny roof terrace. Thanks birds (and/or mice?) – they were very tasty in last night’s stir-fry supper!

I was away in a far-off land, traversing Africa’s southern tip and spending long-anticipated quality time with family & friends. And getting a much-needed nature fix (with apologies to Holland – I’m very fond of your flat green pastures, silvery nimbus sky and glittering canals, but I needed to climb a mountain, get close to the warm red earth, ramble a rugged outcrop or two, spend some time beneath a cobalt sky, raise a glass to the Southern Cross, and listen to the roar and whisper of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans). Needless to say, it was a very inspiring expedition…

vogelgat – the witch(?) | walker bay from de kelders

oudrif sunset | cederberg geology

vogelgat, route to main falls | stormy indian ocean

paternoster geology | sacred eland

(view from) south coast road | vogelgat mountain stream

west coast rocks | kirstenbosch botanical gardens

ramskop pincushions | ancient san rock art

The trip was timed to take in the late-winter/early-spring wild flower display – for a few short weeks every year, if the winter rainfall has been kind and the sun is shining, vast swathes of the west-coast veld & mountain valleys are transformed into breathtaking blankets of colour. More on this magical phenomenon in a future post.

Until then I leave you with Chibi Totoro, intrepid Japanese forest spirit far from home, sunning himself on the beach at Paternoster and keeping an eye out for visiting Southern right whales