Anthony Gormley (UK, 1950), ‘Firmament III’ 2009 [1]

I don’t always ‘get’ sculpture – in the visual arts I respond much more readily and intensely to two dimensional works (painting, drawing, printmaking, photography) – but I’m always open to confronting, and being confronted by, any artwork.

On Saturday we took a leisurely bike ride along the biennial Artzuid: International Sculpture Route in Amsterdam’s leafy Old South. Here are some of the works along the route, some of the weird, and some of the wonderful…

Atta Kwami (Ghana, 1956), ‘Amsterdam Archways 2011’ 2011 [44]

Thomas Houseago (UK, 1972), ‘Red Man’ 2008 [7]

Dhiradj Ramsamoedj (Suriname, 1986), ‘Mighty Man’ 2011 [20]

Koen Vanmechelen (Belgium, 1965), ‘Coming World’ 2011 [14]

Salvador Dali (Spain, 1904-1989), ‘Space Elephant’ [6]

Ugo Rondinone (Switzerland 1963), ‘Sunrise East’ 2007 [28]

Riyas Komu (India, 1971), ‘My Father’s Balcony’ 2006 [40]

Subodh Gupta (India, 1964), ‘Et tu, Duchamp’ 2009 [23]

Yayoi Kusama (Japan, 1929), ‘Flowers that bloom tomorrow’ 2010 [10]

Yubi Kirindongo (Curaçao, 1946), ‘Equus’ 2010 [11]

Jan Fabre (Belgium, 1958), ‘Searching for Utopia’ 2003 [4]

Frederic Beaufils (France 1969), ‘Terroir’ 2009 [48]

Flowers along the route, made by nature (always the great sculptor :)

If you’re in Amsterdam and have a couple of hours to spare, the sculptures will be in place until 28 August 2011. A route map (they’re positioned along the Apollolaan, Minervalaan and in the Zuidas area) can be found here (numbers in [square brackets] in the picture captions above correspond to the numbers on the map).