‘Panthera Pair’ limited edition silkscreen print – detail

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine our planet without wild cats. No tigers. No leopards. No lions. No jaguars. (To name but a few of the 37 wild cat species, many of which are severely endangered). Doesn’t bear thinking about, does it!

Some months ago I watched the very compelling BBC documentary ‘Lost Land of the Tiger’ which documents the activities of a group of scientists (led by the CEO of the Panthera wild cat conservation group) as they work to gather data on the dwindling tiger populations in the Eastern Himalayan region and to figure out solutions for their future survival in the wild.

I am deeply impressed by their work and would like to support it as much as possible. These limited edition screenprints are part of that effort… and here, dear readers (yes, I am trying to butter you up :) is where you come in. These prints are for sale in my shop (a three colour print in vibrant yellow, orange & black, and a black & white version for the minimalists out there) – I will donate 100% of the proceeds of every print sale directly to Panthera. Together we can make a small, but not insignificant, difference!

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You can read more about the great work Panthera does here >
And you can watch clips from the BBC documentary ‘Lost Land of the Tiger’ here >

Thanks for reading, thanks for buying, and thanks for spreading the word.
If I could purrrrr I would…