Series 2, No.6 [Brittle Star]

My ‘Wonders from a Cabinet of Curiosities’ series (or “witch’s pantry” as a friend told me her picture framer called it! ;) continues to grow. New creatures printed during my recent printmaking session include a squid, a salamander, a nautilus, sea anemones and a brittle star. They’re all available as limited edition silkscreen prints in my shop now.

Series 3 – No.1 [Nautilus] and No.3 [Salamander]
(with a much-loved and well-thumbed copy of Albertus Seba’s
epic 18th Century tome ‘Cabinet of Natural Curiosities’

For those of you who expressed an interest in seeing the colour print I alluded to in my previous post… thanks!, and I hope to blog about it soon (just need to make a few more inroads into the client deadlines that are looming before I get there).
I can tell you it involves more creatures (surprise surprise!)… not bottled this time, but still very much in grave danger.