SieboldHuis Japanmuseum, one of my favourite (and therefore much visited!) museums here in the Netherlands, is holding an event tomorrow (Saturday 19 March, between 13:00 and 17:00) to fold a thousand paper cranes – a symbol of support and hope for Japan. I am unable to attend the event but its announcement inspired me to do some folding of my own and I have sent my small flock by post to Leiden in the hope that they can join the larger flock, 1000 strong, tomorrow.

Although it is only a symbolic gesture I believe it is a powerful & cathartic one. If you would like to fold a crane there are some easy-to-follow instructions here, and if you’re near Leiden tomorrow you could make your way to SieboldHuis and fold a crane there!

Support of a more material kind can be given by making a donation to the Japanese Red Cross (or have a look at this useful page, for other ways to help depending on where you are in the world).

And blog friend Mlle Paradis has some good suggestions here and here for initiating help in the most stricken Northeast of the country.

Have a safe and peaceful weekend, and happy paper crane folding (do fold one if you have a moment… it does feel good, truly).