Saturday’s train journey took us to Rotterdam’s Kunsthal to catch the Edvard Munch exhibition (ends 20 Feb 2011). Last time I was in Rotterdam (just over a year ago) it was a dark-and-gloomy-depths-of-winter-kind-of-day. Not so on Saturday – although it was admittedly ICY cold (minus temps with added wind-chill! Brrrr…) it was a dazzlingly sunny day and the sky was a crisp and cloud-free blue. In a word, beautiful!

So, after viewing the Munch exhibition, we took a long, meandering walk through the city and encountered art and artistry, of one kind or another, at every turn…

left: It’s the year of the rabbit! Here’s a nice tubby one, from a group of three that frolic on the lawn outside the Kunsthal (‘Rabbits’, 2003, by Tom Claassen)
right: Dante Horoiwa‘s mural, painted as part of the ‘Reflexo on Urban Art‘ festival in 2009 (and would ya look at the colour of that sky!!)

Kunsthal colours & angles
(Kunsthal building designed by Rem Koolhaas, 1992)

Danny de Cactus’ window display… for all your succulent needs  |
Beautifully subtle roosting chicken detail in the Horoiwa mural


Raising the Euromast Tower above one’s head (or, in this case, one of one’s five heads) appears to be heavy, grimace-inducing work (graf by Ox-Alien)

Bovine brickwork  |
Wonderfully tactile felted & woven wall-covering in the Kunsthal’s café (where, incidentally, they serve a very fine fresh mint tea and lemon cake!)

Also meandering…