We spent last weekend at ATP’s ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ music festival in Minehead (on England’s south west coast). This year’s curators, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, succeeded in putting together a fantastic line-up of musicians for three days of musical awesomeness, and over the course of the weekend played three heart- and gut-wrenchingly beautiful sets themselves.

After days of freezing temperatures and extreme weather in most parts of the country Sunday saw the appearance of the sun in a startlingly clear and intensely blue sky. So, with a few hours to spare before the music kicked off again at midday, we headed down to the beach for some seaside antics. It was crisp and cold and beautiful!

long winter shadows & chibi totoro in a contemplative mood

pebble appreciation!



lifting our skinny fists like antennas to heaven

Driving back across the Somerset hills to Bristol airport on Monday morning, filled to bursting with good music, we felt like we’d passed through the wardrobe in to a Narnia under the White Witch‘s spell…

Ahh… good times :)

I’m anticipating another longish stretch of weblessness (from now until my ailing computer is resuscitated… for which I am keeping my fingers crossed!). In the meantime more ‘advent calendar’ doors have been scheduled…

Have a great weekend!