My annual, end-of-another-year, festive greeting card production-line has been in full swing. I’m officially addicted to cutting paper snowflakes!

This year I thought I’d include a ‘how to’ (of sorts) because they were fun & simple to make and you might like to make some for your friends and family too (everyone likes receiving a handmade card, right?). I’ve also made a few more than I’ll use this year and they’re available now in my etsy shop. Edit: no longer available!

Spoiler alert:If we’re “friends & family” and you don’t want anything to do with these cards until one lands in your letterbox, then scroll no further :-)

Papercut snowflake cards ‘how to’:

What you’ll need:

  • blank cards
  • mulberry tissue paper (or something similarly lightweight, translucent, and interestingly fibrous – the fibres running through the paper look beautiful when backlit)
  • pencil
  • eraser
  • scalpel / blade (this one works a treat)
  • ruler
  • bone folder
  • scissors
  • double-sided tape

(1) Start with a blank card (a square format works well with the circular snowflakes).

(2) Make a stencil on stiff-ish card for the ‘petal’/’wreath’/’rosette’ motif that will be cut out of the front of the card (I’m not sure what to call it… let’s go with ‘petal’).
[Useful tip, courtesy of trial and error: Make sure the inner and outer diameters of this motif and its placement on the card are not such that your petals, when folded out, extend beyond any of the edges of the card – if they do it’ll be impossible to get the cards into the matching envelopes you bought!].

(3) Place the stencil in the desired position on the front of the card (it’s useful to hold it in place at this stage with removable tape) and (4) lightly trace your motif with a soft pencil.

(5) Using the pencil lines as a guide cut your motif out of the card with a scalpel. Use an eraser to gently remove any pencil marks that may be left on the card after cutting out the motif.

(6) Score the base of each petal with the bone folder (if you don’t have a bone folder any bluntly pointed tool would do here – like the tip of a butter knife, or knitting needle tip if not too pointy!).

(7) Cut circles from your lightweight (mulberry) paper, ensuring the diameter of the circle is slightly larger than the diameter of the motif you’ve cut out of the front of the card. (This is a very handy tool for cutting paper circles).

(8) Fold the circles into eighths (fold in half, in half again, and in half a third time), and cut some paper snowflakes. I deliberately tried to include a few heart shapes in each snowflake (‘spreading the love’ and all that) but you can cut any shapes that take your fancy.

(9) As already mentioned it’s addicitive, so you’ll have no trouble cutting lots…

(10) … and lots.

(11) Stick small pieces of double-sided tape on to the outer ‘scalloped’ edges of a paper snowflake. Remove the tape’s backing.

(12) Place the snowflake in the centre of the card motif and press down to secure.

(13) Gently fold out the petals of your card motif. The scored lines made earlier (in step 6) make this a breeze.

(14) And you’re done!

(15) The paper snowflake looks purdy on the inside of the card too.

(16) Make some more…

Happy card making!

scalpel / blade (this one works a treat)