Clouds gathering over Vienna’s ‘Wienerwald

I’ve been away – here are some of the things I saw…

(t) Schönbrunner Schlosspark woods at dusk
(b) Angel, Zentralfriedhof

(t) Hooded crow surveys his domain, Schönbrunn Gloriette
(b) Pavement disaster

(l) ‘Ghost in the woods’ mural, Gasometer
(r) Ruhe in Frieden (Rest in Peace), Zentralfriedhof

(t) WWII flak (anti-aircraft) tower, Arenbergpark
(b) Urban dereliction invaded, Neubau

(l) Arena graf | (r) Ufomammut live at Arena, Gasometer

Dramatic gestures: (t) Zentralfriedhof | (b) Hofburg

(t) Looking up, Stephansdom‘s gothic spire at twilight
(b) Toy-town – tiny model of Vienna circa 1600

(t) Man vs beast, Hofburg
(b) Imposing concrete wall, WWII flak tower, Arenbergpark

This set of photos paints a darkly brooding, rather melodramatic portrait of Vienna (I liked that about them), and although there’s definitely an element of ‘high drama’ to the place it isn’t all tensed marble muscle and moody monochromes. The next set of photos will include plenty of colour and pattern, I promise :)