A long overdue 4th installment in my ongoing ‘cats in windows’ series. Oh, there’ve been some classic feline encounters in recent months… in particular “two cats and a disembodied hand wrestling”, where a single image just wouldn’t do.

And although in general this ‘series’ is supposed to be about cats and windows in Amsterdam this installment features some very special guests from farther afield: the wrestling cats and the disembodied hand reside in Leiden (it’s where disembodied hands go to retire), and there are two very handsome Brooklyn beasties as well!

assuming the maximum-ray-absorption position

koninginnedag flashback

the pub landlord

houseboat… and the living is easy

the jewel thief

for all your floor-covering needs
[Greenwood, Brooklyn]

pink is blue

two cats and a disembodied hand wrestling

el jefe

billyburg batcat
[Williamsburg, Brooklyn]

a baker’s dozen

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