After a very busy work week, filled with several freelance design projects and sometimes maddening client requests (of the “we like purple, we must have purple, lots of it!… but can you make it all a little less purple, without removing any of the purple bits?” variety) I’m feeling a bit like these ghostly swallow images look: a little blurry, a little indistinct & nebulous, but also hopeful… for a quiet weekend with time and space to focus in on one of my own creative projects (starting the papercutting part – yay! – of the experimental* project previously mentioned here).

Whatever you’re wishing for this weekend I hope it comes your way… in spades.

*experimental in the sense that I have no fixed end-plan for this project. I simply intend to play with combining the screenprints I made last week (on a variety of differently coloured and interestingly textured papers) with papercutting, and perhaps a bit of overlaid ink or watercolour exploration…
I’m looking forward to the play :)