Yesterday morning, desperately hot & humid as it was, we hopped on our bikes and made the ±30 minute ride down the Amstel River, through Amsterdam Zuid & Beatrix Park…

Breakfast time for the cygnets in Beatrix Park

… to the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, to have a look at the final-exam exhibitions of this year’s graduates.

As an art school ‘survivor’ I always have mixed feelings when visiting these institutions (as Daniel Clowes put it in his great 1991 *short comic “If you must go to art school for God’s sake make the most of it… seldom if ever again in life will you be afforded the chance to scrutinize such an array of losers in an environment that actually encourages their most pretentious inclinations!” ;-), but I was excited to get a glimpse inside the ‘famous’ Gerrit Rietveld Academie (apparently art students travel from far and wide to study at this prestigious school, and it appears to have amazing facilities!).

There was a lot of work on display, too much to look at it all in detail (cf. desperately hot & humid day) but here is some of the work that particularly caught my eye.

Sabrina Metselaar‘s (Glass) darkly strange and unnerving menagerie:

The intriguing work of Réka Fekete (Jewellery), made from reclaimed zinc etching plates, thread, wire, melted electrical cabling & paint, and possessing the dual aspects of profound delicacy on one hand and a kind of post-apocalyptic industrial strength on the other:

Réka was on hand to talk about her work and she willingly let us handle it – the kinetic, malleable qualities of her constructions being a key part of the experience of them.

And finally, the beautiful tonal & textural qualities of several sculpture/installation pieces:

Ewa Karolina Perlejewska (Ceramics)
[“forgetting”, ceramics]

Maurijn Rouwet (Fine Arts)
[“where is this place”, installation fragment
paraffin, sand, concrete, waterproof chipboard]

Pierfrancesco Gava (Fine Arts)
[“speaking things” detail]