Yarn-y goodness at Purl SoHo, NYC

While in New York back in late April I visited the much heralded Purl in SoHo… as a sometime-crafter (sort-of) it would’ve been daft not to, and I was not disappointed! They have a great selection of fabrics of which I was especially drawn to the designs (new to me) of Etsuko Furuya, and in particular this wonderful ‘Bat’ design…

I couldn’t resist buying half a meter of it with a view to turning it in to a couple of cushion covers. Finally, almost two months later, I found a spare several hours (I’m not a quick sewer!) to do just that. I’m very happy with the results because I cannot help but smile every time I see those nifty bats flitting about in their turquoise sky (and sitting on the floor – often my preference – has become even comfier :)

Here are some more of Etsuko’s beautiful, quirky fabric designs…

‘Leaf’ in (l) grape & (r) grey

(l) ‘Flower Bed’ in aqua blue & (r) ‘Bird to Hang’ in oxblood

(l) ‘Animals’ in raspberry & (r) ‘Cobweb’ in black

(l) ‘Bus’ in natural & (r) ‘Camera’ in turquoise

I’m particularly keen on the designs combining creatures and slightly abstract, organic shapes (like the ‘Bat’ design!) but you gotta love the old-school cameras and buses too!

The 8 fabric swatch images above were sourced from superbuzzy, an online store for Japanese fabrics. Their full range of ‘Echino by Etsuko Furuya’ fabrics can be found here >

And Etsuko’s fabric design website can be found here >