… and the stripes, splotches, stitches, curlicues, chevrons, colour-fields, drips, daubs, grids, meshes, patinas etc.

(t) ‘Untitled (Multicolored Nest)’ (detail), Judith Scott, 1988-89, yarn and twine with unknown armature – American Folk Art Museum | (b) Well-worn record store floor – Other Music, Greenwich Village

(t) Paint splattered pavement (beneath graffiti encrusted wall) – Williamsburg | (b) ‘One: Number 31, 1950’ (detail), Jackson Pollock, 1950, oil and enamel on unprimed canvas – MoMA

After finding an abundance of textures, colours and patterns in New York’s many awesome museums and galleries and on every street corner, I’ve been enjoying discovering the connections between them…

(t) Surface of the moon – American Museum of Natural History | (b) Exterior wooden door detail, Grace Church – East Village

(t) Crewel bedcover (detail), artist unidentified, New England or New York State 1815-1825, wool with wool embroidery – American Folk Art Museum |
(b) Delicate shadows cast by wrought iron fence – Upper East Side

(t) Banded iron formation, “red jasper and iron magnetite… formed billions of years ago” – American Museum of Natural History | (b) Eroded & paint splattered wall – Williamsburg

(t) ‘No.10’ (detail), Mark Rothko, 1950, oil on canvas – MoMA | (b) Light, shadow and rust on backyard wall – City Reliquary Museum

(t) Corrugated iron fence at dusk – Greenpoint | (b) Stone sculpture detail (title unknown?), Isamu Noguchi – The Noguchi Museum, Long Island City, Queens

(t) Sunbathing(!?), high above the High Line – Meatpacking District | (b) ‘Serial Project, I (ABCD)’ (detail), Sol LeWitt, 1966, baked enamel on steel units over baked enamel on aluminium – MoMA

(t) ‘Mme Kupka among Verticals’ (detail), František Kupka, 1910-11, oil on canvas – MoMA | (b) Building facades – South Street Seaport

(t) Marble wall in the lobby of the Chrysler Building, 1930 – Midtown | (b) ‘The Sleeping Gypsy’ (detail), Henri Rousseau, 1897, oil on canvas – MoMA

(copyrights of all artworks included above remain with the copyright holders)