A little over two weeks ago part of me was loving the rare opportunity to look up at the wide, empty skies above Amsterdam, not an aeroplane vapour trail in sight – it was so peaceful, and the birds seemed particularly happy. And part of me was freaking out that a long anticipated first visit to New York City would be kyboshed by a volcanic ash cloud.
But luck, and presumably prevailing winds (and the outcome of arguments between scientists, politicians and bean-counters) were on our side…

(t) NYC squirrel tile, West Village (Tiles for America) | (b) spring flowers spilling over the pavements

NYC is indeed a very absorbing place… so much to see and do! Two days in to our trip my camera decided to give up one of its nine lives (I hope it has that many!), temperamentally refusing to focus on some things in both manual and auto focus mode, and making a gut-wrenchingly sad, broken sound every time it was turned on or off.  Despite that I still returned with tons of photos – lots of interesting textures, colours, patterns, architectural details, street art and other bits of ‘grafica’ drawn from this endlessly engaging urban landscape. I’ll be sorting through these in the coming days (for future project inspiration) and will no doubt be posting some of them here too. In the meantime, let’s take a stroll through NYC…

Buildings, buildings everywhere! (t) Financial District from Brooklyn Heights | (b) Upper West Side across Central Park Reservoir. I love the way so many of the buildings look like they’re made out of (very elegant) toy building blocks

(t) colourful Williamsburg | (b) High Line planting, beautifully realised between the old railway tracks

Sunbathing in Central Park, (t) tiny, distant people on Sheep Meadow | (b) the local residents of Turtle Pond

(t) sunset in Battery Park | (b) A distant cousin of Dogmatix perhaps?, waiting patiently to cross Broadway in Greenwich Village

(t) MoMA sculpture garden seating, beautiful light & shadow | (b) calligraphic tulips, in their final throes

blossoms & squirrel (one of the many!) in Central Park

(t) sunset over Manhattan, from Williamsburg | (b) street art in DUMBO