Hurrah, the weekend is finally upon us! My mantra at the moment, while I dig my way out from underneath the big ol’ pile of work I’ve taken on, has been the “please send me evenings and weekends” lyric from Gang of Four’s classic ‘Return the Gift’. And so in celebration of the weekend having been delivered here’s a long overdue ‘Part III’ in my informal, ongoing series of ‘Amsterdam cats in windows (or doorways, or near windows, or out and about on the city streets)’ (Part I can be found here, and Part II here).

the blueblood

the kid

the peeping tom

the joyrider

the magnificent monochromatic moggie

the pugilist

the kitchen is closed

the gingham princess

true blue

the bad dream

the patriot & the dandy

the bug catchers

the carnivore

one flew over the cuckoo’s nest

extra lucky!

(thanks very much to the narcoagent for his contributions to the ‘cats in windows’ collection :)