March already… how did that happen!?

As the arrival of March generally heralds the imminent arrival of spring in these Northern parts I’ve been taking one last, long look at the naked trees… before they burst in to bud and blossom and get all showy and extravagant. Don’t get me wrong, I am willing them to burst in to bud and blossom (like lots of you in the Northern hemisphere, I imagine!) but I shall also be a little sad to see them go. I love the elegant simplicity of the patterns made by their bare, wintery branches against a moody, clouded sky and find them infinitely fascinating and a source of great beauty even as the monochromatic chill of the long winter months starts to take its toll.

So, one last look…

… and then (although the arrival of the buds and blossoms will underscore the fact that this year seems to be speeding by at breakneck speed… and I need time to catch up!), bring it on!