While sorting through and archiving (a fancy word for ‘burning to CD and then deleting’) the gazillion-and-one photos on my harddrive I’ve been enjoying coming across these pictures, and discovering an inadvertent collection of rusty things… the warm russety browns and oranges (not to mention the subtle, unexpected purples, blues and greens) serve as a wonderful counterpoint to the cool blues & greys of this persistent winter.

I wasn’t aware that I had such a predilection for rust… but the growing photo collection says unequivocally that I do!

Hmmm, beautiful rusty things… and today the sun is shining here in Amsterdam. Although I have too much work to get through to be able to get out there and enjoy it, just knowing it’s there is cause for celebration. Happy midweek to you whatever you’re up to!

*Apologies if the title mislead you to expect a post concerning Chris Ware’s socially-challenged superhero-action-figure-collecting manchild… maybe some other time.