bounding on an icy Somerset beach

Briefly popping in here to say hello after a very busy week-and-a-half, filled with lots of work (I thought it was supposed to get quiet this time of year?) and (even better) lots of fun! I’ve turned a year older, and we’ve spent several excellent days on England’s chilly west coast helping the greatest music festival on the planet (… nay, in the universe! :) celebrate its 10th anniversary.

Getting older really isn’t all that bad – especially when one is thoroughly spoilt by wonderful, thoughtful, generous friends and family near and far. Thank you all!

reflections from a birthday dinner

Amidst all these festivities I haven’t really given this Christmas lark much thought. But yesterday, on my walk home, I took a minor detour along the Staalstraat (good for a bit of eye-candy window shopping) and I was thoroughly charmed by the festive bike theme the shops and businesses along the street have adopted. It’s near impossible not to catch a touch of the festive bug when encountering things like this…

Have a good weekend!