dark days…

As the days have grown colder, darker & wetter, and the urban gardens have become less hospitable places to be eking out an existence I have started putting seeds and little chunks of juicy fruit out on the tiny ‘dakterras’ outside my studio window.
There are a lot of takers for these tasty treats, so I have a steady stream of visitors at the window throughout the day.

a confabulation

a feral parakeet

possibly a coal tit (?)

c’mon down, you know you want to…

good exercise

who ate all the pies?

I’m growing very fond of these beady-eyed little guys (and gals)!

blackbirds – male & female (?)

And although my respect for wildlife photographers was in no way lacking, attempting to get even a half decent shot of these quick-winged critters has deepened my respect for them and their craft no end!

oops… too late!