I’ve spent the last couple of days at the printmaking studio doing a bit of screen printing.  I had a lot of fun, but I also find the screen printing process pretty mentally and physically demanding. Some creative activities can be very meditative and relaxing – for me papercutting or drawing are two such activities – but not so screen printing. I have no doubt that with more practice it will become less ‘taxing’ but as a relative novice I have to maintain 100% focus throughout the process… there seem to be so many opportunities for error! The tricky wrist tilt when coating the screen with photo emulsion, under or over exposing the film positive, the delicate balance when trying to achieve the correct ink consistency/opacity/transparency, the struggle to get the ‘snap-off’ just so, and my own personal horror… the hand through the screen mesh!

Luckily I haven’t yet put my hand, or any other object, through a screen. But I did let my guard slip yesterday while cutting card for registration strips and managed to slice deep in to the tip of my index finger with my lovely sharp NT Cutter (rather a finger than the screen!). Who would’ve thought the index finger of the left hand was such a prominent player in just about everything we do with our hands!

But I digress… The fun-factor definitely outweighs the stress-factor, and pulling a decent quality print is very satisfying. Also, I know I’ll sleep really well tonight… I’m knackered!

rackin’ ’em and stackin’ ’em (first colour done)

bunny on a bike, artist unknown (this little fella adorns one of the studio’s doorframes, close to the ground. i like him!)

“still life with spatula and squeegee”
(or, simply, “cleaning up” – there’s always lots of that to be done!)

multicoloured tiles, courtesy of a high pressure hose and a-million-and-one previous print projects

waiting for the homeward bound tram…