'Yeti Thinker' screenprint, by Tim Biskup

Tim Biskup‘s ‘Yeti Thinker’ has been gazing intently down at me from my studio wall. His subliminal promptings have apparently taken hold as last night I felt compelled to carve a Halloween yeti pumpkin (template available here).

'Yeti' pumpkin

The blade slipped a few times (pumpkins are slippery things!) so it’s a rather loose interpretation, but even though it lacks the essential yeti-ness it still glows fiercely enough!

'Yeti' pumpkin glowing!

Another creature shaping up out of a bit of slicing and dicing is this hairy fellow, made from a negative-shape offcut from a previous papercutting project. I’m still trying to decide what other features he needs, if any? Perhaps a row of sharp little teeth…

Hairy creature

On the subject of creatures, Halloween, and whatnot, if you’re in Amsterdam at 3pm on Saturday 31 October get thee down to the American Book Centre where Amsterdam based artist Femke Hiemstra will be signing copies of her new book ‘Rock Candy’ (published by the marvellous Fantagraphics). There will also be fine art giclée prints of some of her work available for sale. And seeing her display (made from “dolls, animals and other characters from [her] personal collection of ‘bric-à-brac'”) in the bookshop window up-close-and-personal is a must!

'Rock Candy' window display at the American Book Centre, Amsterdam