wild horse cloud

It has been a little damp around these parts recently (lots of rain dragged in by wild horses!)

Luckily the newest member of the household arrived fully equipped to deal with the local weather (being a Londoner he’s no stranger to a touch of the wet stuff).

Trclops's Rainy London Dunny

The grey has been punctuated by bursts of orange and yellow (this is why I love autumn so!), and when the sun manages to break through those clouds everything *glows* as if illuminated from within… even my breakfast…

glowing breakfast

autumn leaves in the Japanese rock garden at Artis

Hortus Botanicus house

translucent red leaves

owl kite, by Leendert Masselink

glowing orange oranges

glowing orange cat

gone to seed silhouette

secret maps no.4

i spy...

yellow tree


Autumn really is a very special season…

[The dunny was designed by Triclops, and is part of the Kidrobot ‘Ye Olde English’ Dunny series. The owl kite was made by Dutch artist & illustrator Leendert Masselink]