Yesterday marked seven weeks in our (not so) new (anymore) home… and we still haven’t hung any pictures! (Ok, there are a couple temporarily installed on existing hooks in order to get them out of the way and off the floor… but temporary installation doesn’t really count :)

The hanging of pictures is, to my mind, one of the most important steps in making a house a home… so I’m hoping to get lots hung this weekend! And I hope that you have a good weekend too, whatever you’re up to!

eagerly anticipating a hanging

Kudos, and thanks, to all the very talented artists represented above – we’ve derived so much pleasure from living with your art!

Yoko Hayashi (‘midnight’, etching), Camilla Engman (‘red’, giclée print), Femke Hiemstra (‘solstice d’eté’, mixed media on book), Charles Burns (‘big baby / blood club’, screenprint), Jim Woodring (‘squeaker in the woods’, intaglio print), Studio Ghibli (‘spirited away’, animation cell), Rob Ryan, and Femke Hiemstra again (‘skinny dipping’, giclée print)