drawing clouds...

My cloud obsession doesn’t appear to be abating. In addition to taking lots (and lots!) of photographs of them I have also recently been drawing them, inspired by (left to right in the photo above) classic Kimono sash (obi) patterns, the work of Japanese graffiti artist ESOW, and the cloud studies of Claude Monet, Emil Nolde and John Constable…

drawing clouds...

[Postcard of John Constable’s ‘Cloud Study’, 1822]

cloud drawings... and other stuff

[Unrelated to clouds, but important nonetheless: the framed print along the bottom of the above picture is “The Hairy Monster” by Tom Gauld. You can see more of his wonderful work here]

Although trying hard to rein in my cloud photographing obsession I couldn’t resist when this crazy one made its way across the skyline a few mornings ago. It’s so… structural! Like a partial side view of a viaduct or Stonehenge.

cloud viaduct

Unfortunately I have no meteorological knowledge but I’d love to know how a cloud so ‘angular’ is created. Anyone got any ideas?

square cloud