I didn’t expect to be absent from this space for quite such a long time, but some sort of internet service provider snafu meant we were without a ‘phone or internet connection for almost two weeks after our move. Not so good for work productivity and ‘public relations’ with my clients, but very good for unpacking boxes and… customising Munnys!

7" GID blank munny

blank 7″ GID Munny from Kidrobot

blank munny head

Alas, poor Yorick!

red panda jungle munny

This little fella was inspired in part by a new neighbour (our new home is very close to Artis and, although I have mixed feelings about zoos, I decided to become a ‘friend’ so I could visit the Red Pandas, and sit in Artis’s beautiful Japanese rock garden, as often as I like).

red panda jungle munny... other views

Red Panda Jungle Munny… on a mission to spread the word about the importance of preserving his, and other creatures’, jungly natural habitats…