the gang

… as promised in yesterday’s post!

These were a first attempt, made several years ago, at some small softies. I was experimenting with body shape (not really having any idea what would happen to the two-dimensional outline on paper when stitched and stuffed into a three-dimensional creature), and had a lot of fun embellishing the faces. I had no intention of creating such an unruly bunch of miscreants though… but when lined up together they looked to me like a tight-knit and potentially dangerous little gang!

The grey one is the malign and merciless kid (think Pinkie Brown from Graham Greene’s ‘Brighton Rock’). The red one is the steady and calculating brains of the operation (the small felt cat equivalent of Stringer Bell from The Wire, if you will). The orange one is the idiot thug, the bully who knows no better. And the black one appears to be in the grips of some kind of misdirected religious fervour, possibly only a danger to himself.

I’m not sure the facial details actually qualify as ’embroidery’ (as suggested in my post yesterday), but there you have it. And no prizes for guessing which body shape I cut first (before ‘refining’).

On second thoughts… let there be prizes! Leave your guess in the comments, next Friday (31 July) I’ll do a random draw of any correct guesses and will send the winner (debatable choice of word here) the gang member of their choice*



If you’re dithering about taking a stab at guessing, don’t delay! You’ll be performing a very useful public service – it will be best for everyone if we break up the gang now! dottedline

* WARNING: inexpertly constructed… but full of character :)

P.S. They’re not suitable for very small children as some of them have little buttons sewn onto the eyes. They’d make good pincushions though!