cat heart graf

Back in Barcelona this past weekend for the Primavera Sound music festival, and once again finding so many things to love about it!

I ♥ you Barca…


… for your marvellous mosaics

cccb and macba buildings

… for your architectural abstraction [l. CCCB building, r. MACBA building],

parc guell

and fantasy! [l&r. Parc Guell, designed by Antoni Gaudi]


… for your crazy creatures [l. The Cat, by Fernando Botero, r. doll in shop window (I would’ve liked to have found out more about the doll’s maker but the shop was unfortunately closed. The label read “Las Chatikas de Lusesita”)],

primavera sound '09

… for your kick-ass music festival next to the sea, and l-o-n-g balmy summer evenings in which to enjoy it,


… for your outrageous wall-coverings,


… for your beautiful and quirky light-fittings,

stained glass, casa amatller

… for your magnificent stained glass [l&r. Casa Amatller],

barcelona sunrise, 06h20 tuesday 2 june 2009

… and for the way you look so darn purdy at sunrise.