pink on blue

sakurasnow on bike tyres

sakura snow sticks to everything… 

Pics from a recent visit to one of Amsterdam’s (seemingly) little-known gems – the Japanese cherry blossom park situated on the south eastern edge of Het Amsterdamse Bos. We first discovered the cherry orchard while on a bike ride at the end of last summer and determined to return in the spring when it would be transformed, for a few short weeks, into a blossomy paradise. Three years ago we were enjoying ohanami (cherry blossom viewing) in Kyoto and Tokyo – it has been great to be able to re-live that magical experience so close to home…


chibi totoro does ohanami!

chibi totoro, having left his Japanese forest home three years ago in search of adventure, nostalgically enjoys ohanami, Dutch-style

worm's eye view of cherry orchard

a worm’s-eye view of the cherry orchard

young leaves

calpis soda

calpis soda, unappealingly described as a ‘lactic acid beverage’, but very tasty and a perfect mid-ohanami refresher

sakura and sky

no better way to while away a few hours on a sunny afternoon than lying on the grass in a cherry orchard in full bloom… looking skyward


pale on green

cherry orchard

sakurasnow on boots

… everything, I tells ya!