I have been neglecting my little patch of blogland recently. Busying myself with the necessary (meeting client deadlines), the challenging (phase two in the long, arduous journey towards gaining some vague semblance of proficiency in the tricky language of my adopted country), and the obligatory but downright tedious (het is weer aangiftetijd… en ik heb een hekel aan boekhouden!).

Anyhooo, while I was scrabbling through drawers in search of some staples to top up the overworked, empty stapler I came across a bulging, intriguing-looking envelope.  Imagine my happy surprise when this lot came tumbling out…

papercut scraps

I have vague recollections of stashing all these cut-out ‘negative shape’ scraps after a frenzied session of kirigami a few years ago. I had nothing in mind for them at the time but they were too interesting to throw away.

So, for the past week or so this pile of candy-coloured, crazy shapes has been spread out on my drawing-desk (the one I wish I could be spending more time at) alongside a blank piece of black paper, and each time I get up from my computer-desk (the one I’ve been chained to) to put the kettle on I shuffle some of the shapes around (it’s a very restorative activity – like non-labour-intensive gardening… with instant results!).

alien blooms

They produce strange, alien blooms that remind me of Jim Woodring‘s mad and mesmerising (ir)reality…

alien blooms