Solstice d'Ete by Femke Hiemstra

‘Solstice d’Eté’
Mixed media on book 5.5 x 8.4” © Femke Hiemstra 2008

I was happy to discover this weekend that one of my very favourite artists, Amsterdam-based Femke Hiemstra, has started a blog (I’m a bit slow off the mark as it has been around since the beginning of the year!). Femke’s work is beautifully executed – wonderfully detailed, magical and mysterious, populated with enigmatic and endearing creatures. As I’m a sucker for creatures of all shapes and sizes – real, anthropomorphised or otherwise – each piece sucks me in and holds me entranced. One has a sense that if you look long enough you’ll find the answers to some of the big questions. But even if you don’t you’re just happy to have been able to bask in each piece’s strange, ethereal light for a time.

Femke’s blog promises to be a great resource of weird and wonderful finds! Visit her blog, ‘Me ears are alight’, here

The image above is a photograph I took of Femke’s piece entitled ‘Solstice d’Eté’ (that’s a bit of the antique picture frame you see running along the bottom of the photo – in addition to being an immensely talented artist, Femke has a great knack for choosing perfect frames for her work!). My photo doesn’t do the detail in this painting justice – the brushwork is astonishing, every silken hair and cryptic scarification on the donkey’s body has a tangible, tactile quality; the wasp’s wings appear as fragile and translucent as, well, wasp’s wings – you really need to get up-close-and-personal with these miraculous paintings! See more of Femke’s work on her website, Femtasiahere