Last week, in between meeting a couple of work deadlines, attempting to write an exam, and attending a two day screen-printing workshop (which was fantastic and which I will no doubt talk more about here at some point) I had a birthday. The reason I mention this is so I can show-off the newest addition to the family, who arrived as a beribboned birthday gift. He is an exceedingly handsome fellow!


He joins a couple of his pals: a black panther & her cub and a family of polar bears (I used the two polar bear cubs in the manufacture of last year’s festive greeting card).


polar bears

I cannot get enough of these hand-carved wooden animals – I love the simplicity of the shapes, which despite their simplicity (or perhaps because of it?) evoke so much tigerness, polarbearness or pantherness, and I love the simple stained colouring, and (most especially) the bit of frayed string as a tail – it’s amazing that a bit of frayed string can seem to hold so much life. I can practically see these string tails swaying through the jungle’s dappled undergrowth, or swatting away an annoying fly, or curled around the branch of a high vantage point.

(They’re made by Ostheimer and, um, no, I’m not on Ostheimer’s payroll!)