We’ve been house-hunting for the past several months (OK… flat/apartment hunting. Whole houses in Amsterdam being a little out of our league! Perhaps a better term would be home-hunting), and it’s a very time-consuming and oft-demoralising process. But on the plus side it does mean I have had plenty of opportunity to explore parts of the city I wouldn’t normally find myself in. I was recently on the Prinseneiland, which is just a bit North-West of where we currently live and really so close that it’s ridiculous that I haven’t explored it until now!

Prinseneiland, where the writing’s on the wall and space invaders invade

prinseneiland words

Where birds are welcomed to bathe on a large oak table next to a canal (or to dangle, forlornly inverted, from streetlamps!)…

bird bath, bird lamppost

Where a mural pays homage to Nelson Mandela’s prison vegetable garden…  

nelson mandela's prison garden

Where greyhounds (with bright red collars) sprint apace, and red foxes frolic amongst the roses…

run rabbit run

And where the geometry rocks!

geometry rocks!


Right… after that little diversion I must get back to the books. I have a Dutch exam fast approaching and a vast list of so-called sterk and onregelmatige werkwoorden to get to grips with. Thankfully the postman delivered ‘201 Dutch Verbs Fully Conjugated’ a few days ago… so I’ve got plenty of fun reading ahead ^_^