Last week I posted about a ‘drawing’ experiment I conducted on the roof with a little leftover printing ink and a lot of help from the weather. I so enjoyed the results of the first experiment that I’ve tried a few more. The second ‘drawing’ was made with the diluted dregs of the leftover ink and a used tea bag, again left outside on the roof for 96 hours. The tea bag was broken and the tea ‘dust’ spread about (thanks heavy rain!) and ‘fused’ with the ink to create a really interesting texture. The weather has been most obliging in its changeability & ferocity (I doubt four straight days of clear skies, sunshine and gentle breezes would produce such dramatic results).

I have no idea what I intend to do with these ‘drawings’ but at the moment I’m rather inclined to just enjoy them as they are. I love the way ‘No.1’ and ‘No.2’ look hanging together on the work-in-progress line in my studio – I feel like I’ve come in to possession of some ancient hides or parchments marked with secret maps.

The third in the series is currently being ‘made’, transmogrifying on the roof – it has been up there for approximately 36 hours and ‘materials’ include lumps of charcoal, used coffeepods (um, yeah, that does indeed seem to be what they’re called) and… hail!

When I went up on to the roof this morning to check on the progress of this third ‘drawing’ I was treated to this view…

Tuesday 28 October, 07h54

I wonder if the influence of ‘rainbow’ will be evident in this third drawing when its 96 hours have passed?